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Metaphysically, who's to say.
Physically, I'm pictured to the right.

Although I'm the third, I can assure you I am unique. I've had the great fortune of being bizarre all my life, which leads to great stories and even better teamwork. Using this knack for teamwork, I would love to one day organize the pursuits and systems of corporate philanthropy.


My Loves

The National Parks system of every nation, cooking Michelin star meals at home, any opportunity to see live music, stand up comedy, making my own trail mix *gestures to the left*, the art of gardening, finding comfort in discomfort, and last but certainly not least, I love my Dobermans, Gordon and Spencer.

Past Careers

In order: voter registration, Chinese restaurant cook at Legoland, butcher at Whole Foods in San Diego, the marketing intern for Manuel Ángel Conejero, butcher at Whole Foods in Boulder, writer/photographer at CU Independent (where I got the $5,000 camera that took the beautiful picture to the right), bartender at (you guessed it) Whole Foods in San Francisco, online marketplace manager at Bonafide Provisions (what a jump), and of course, I am always and forever a student.


Fun Facts

  • I was born & raised in Encinitas, California

  • I've lived in five states and two countries in the last ten years

  • A life goal of mine is to visit all 58 US national parks by the time I am 30 (Joshua Tree NP pictured to the left)

  • I was interviewed by an Ottawa news station about water conservation​​ efforts in Ontario, Canada at a Tragically Hip concert when I was in elementary school

  • Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight called me a "son of a bitch" at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert when I was 15


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