Brooklyn Brine Co.

by Camille Walker (AD) & Robert Hylton (CW)

Have you been kept awake at night, wishing, wanting, and waiting for an archenemy to that pickle-stork from the 70s?​

Wish, want, and wait no more, my dear friend.

Moms vs. Pickle
A Pickle that instills fear
Brooklyn Brine Co ads in the wild
Brooklyn Brine Tweets
Pickle Jars One
Pickle Jars Two
Maximum Security Pickle Zone
Informative Sign
Produce Section
(not) Armored Truck
Brooklyn Brine Bar
Handcuff Pickle
Bumper Videos
More Work


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©2018 by Robert Hylton

Maximum Security Pickle Zone

Our Pickles have been marinating in a brine so badass, they wouldn't stop picking fights with the other pickles and needed to be separated for everyones safety.