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I have no idea
(but I know he's the guy pictured on the right)

I have had the great fortune of being bizarre all my life. This leads to some great stories and oddly some even better teamwork. I would absolutely love to one day work with non-profits. hmu for more deets.

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Me Encanta

The National Parks System, spicy food, stand up comedy (esp. dark), techno (probably not the kind you're thinking of), long sits on the beach, live music of any sort, making my own trail mix (although I'm sure you could tell by the picture to the left), the art of memes, the Golden State Warriors, and last but, and I cannot stress this enough, not least, I love my dogs Gordon and Peanutt.

Past Careers

Voter registration, chinese restaurant cook at Legoland, butcher at Whole Foods in San Diego, the marketing intern for Manuel Ángel Conejero, butcher at Whole Foods in Boulder, photographer and writer at CU Independent (where I got the camera to take the picture to the right), bartender at (you guessed it) Whole Foods in San Francisco, online marketplace manager (what a jump) at Bonafide Provisions, and of course I am always and forever a student.


Fun Facts

  • Born & raised in San Diego

  • One of my life goals is to go to all the 58 national parks by the time I am 30 (pictured to the left is me in Joshua Tree NP)

  • In elementary school I was interviewed by a local Ottawa news station about water conservation​​

You made it to the end!

Here are some pictures of my friends to try and give you a more of an idea of who I am.


Richmond, VA